BILBERON® is a material based on abundant evidences, including 2 clinical trials and over 20 published papers

Clinical trials of BILBERON®

Improvement of focused vision

BILBERON® improves the accommodative function during eye fatigue. ※VDT is a term used for devices with screens, like computer or smartphone. The lower value in this figure indicates the improvement of the accommodative function

Alleviating neck and shoulder pain

BILBERON® was proven to alleviate neck and shoulder pain in questionnaire.

Reducing eye dryness

Tear secretion increases in the BILBERON® group, alleviating dry-eye symptom.

Reduction of eye fatigue

BILBERON® showed reduction in temporary eye fatigue caused by VDT in questionnaire.

Other Efficacy

BILBERON® is effective against the following

● Anti-glycation
● Vasodilator effect